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From every corner of the world, Spirit Guides Magazine publishes conversations with renowned spiritual leaders, mystics, healers, shamans, teachers, and philosophers. As spirituality makes its way more and more into mainstream consciousness, Spirit Guides Magazine intends is to be the modern voice for ancient wisdoms.

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Are you searching for a spiritual healer to work with? A sacred retreat in a foreign land? A local or online event to expand your esoteric knowledge and build community? Whatever you feel called to, Spirit Guides Directory is where seekers go to find the spiritual guides and events that will take their expansion to the next level.

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Spirit Guides Radio is our internet radio station that delivers mystic talk and tunes. The variety of radio talk shows work together to give a fresh, modern voice to both ancient wisdoms and burgeoning spiritual knowledge. The tunes tune you in. If expansion is your mission, Spirit Guides Radio will not disappoint!

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Spirit Guides Media is built on the foundation of community collaboration—when one rises, we all rise! If you have a brand or message that’s in alignment with our audience and want to get the word out, we have numerous collaborative offers for you to consider. Let’s co-create some magic together, shall we?!

Featured Articles

By Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium

Dream visits are a wonderful way to say, “I’m here, I’m doing great, and I love you!” And according to my friends in the dead community, it is possible for any of us to establish optimum circumstances that provide them with the energy boost they will need to come through to us while we sleep.

By Arizona Bell

With the holidays in plain view, many grievers are gearing up for the absolute worst time of their year—cold months where seemingly everyone around them is in warm, good cheer, as perhaps they themselves used to be during this season, yet they can no longer relate.

By Tess Bercan

Combining spirituality and activism may seem contradictory—and understandably so. While spirituality most often leads a person down a journey inward towards self-realization and peace, activism is often viewed as a dynamic role that pushes outward against any perceived obstacles at hand.

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Arizona Bell | A simple guide to true happiness

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