Spirit Guides Media Presents Arizona Bell

Arizona Bell

Arizona Bell is the CEO of Spirit Guides Media. As a death, grief, and afterlife researcher, Arizona speaks internationally with the message that examining death and what happens to us after death is the absolute best way to live our richest, most meaningful lives here on Earth. Her books “This Is How You BE: A Simple Guide To True Happiness” and “Soul Magic: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Mystics” are available now.


According to Kelly Behrend, everything fits into the chakra system— trauma, personal healing, books, even social justice and activism. Racism, for example, is a root chakra issue, while sexism and LGBTQ equality is a sacral chakra deal.

Though I always had an amateur interest, I began investigating invisible things fiercely when the material world—that of the visible—failed me once and for all.

It had been a gradual uncoupling over many years, but the final divorce from my faith and investment into the physical, material world as my primary mode of seeing came when I hit my own personal rock bottom.

Have you ever felt more alive than when bringing something to life, in whatever form? Have you ever felt happier than when admiring one of your own creations—whether a child, a painting, or a gourmet meal? I sure as hell haven’t! Whatever your particular kind of fancy, it feels intrinsically damn good to give genesis to something.

With the holidays in plain view, many grievers are gearing up for the absolute worst time of their year—cold months where seemingly everyone around them is in warm, good cheer, as perhaps they themselves used to be during this season, yet they can no longer relate. Feeling quite opposite of cheery, they feel the despair of feeling somehow misplaced. Misunderstood. Missing.

In time, they say, in time.

They say this as I’m sobbing and the clock is going around and around and I’m certain I won’t stop until it does. For the first time ever, I wish it would.


In this short and sweet episode, Arizona Bell offers her reflections on the past year, and her hopes for the year to come.

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