A Matter of Life and Death

Courtney Beck


In Arizona Bell’s first podcast back after a long hiatus, her and spiritual author, channel, and healer Courtney Beck wax poetic on the topic of “Rebirth.”

Arizona and Courtney discuss:

  • Shifting from fear to faith in 2020
  • The growth opportunities that rock bottom inspire
  • The importance of rebirth within our lifetimes in advancing our souls
  • How we can shave off lifetimes from the reincarnation process
  • The Yugas in Hindu Cosmology and what cycle the Earth is currently in
  • The importance of respecting Mother Nature and returning to a balance with the natural world in this time

Courtney also shares an exclusive channeled message from Shiva, the Hindu deity known as “The Great Re-Destroyer” (and The Great Re-balancer).

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