A Matter of Life and Death

Belinda Womack

“Covid gave me my true self,” says astrologer Debra Silverman in this real, raw, and fun discussion.

Debra joins Arizona to talk about the astrology of the times, of course, but more importantly, together they explore the cosmic and universal journey from despair to hope to rebirth. And frankly, that’s the conversation we all need to hear right now.

Arizona and Debra dig into:

  • 2020 as the bootcamp for which made us stronger
  • The astrological flavors of 2021
  • The importance of and rise of astrology in the Aquarian Age
  • The vital (and not often spoke of) function of the rising sign in astrology
  • How 2020 has activated our rising signs
  • How astrology offers us the permission slip we need in order to be our true selves
  • Facing and making friends with our “gremlins”
  • The practice of self-forgiveness
  • The truth about depression
  • Using crisis to be in our favor
  • Learning and embodying the art of listening

To join Debra’s Applied Astrology course, visit: https://debrasilverman.samcart.com/referral/appliedastrology/KN8ZX5ylt1cut0eh

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