A Matter of Life and Death

Mike Dooley


This week’s guest is the one, the only, Mike Dooley! Mike is a New York Times Best-selling author, international speaker, and creator of the uber popular Notes from the Universe.

As you will see, Mike’s energy is the medicine we all need right now and you can’t help but leave this convo uplifted, inspired, and ready to kick some arse!

Arizona and Mike discuss:

  • Trust in the Universe as a cure to self doubt
  • The true power of our thoughts
  • The importance of visualizing your desired end result in manifestation
  • Overcoming human self doubt when genius creative ideas are delivered from the Universe
  • How the lessons in our life are in fact our greatest blessings
  • How moments of pause in our life are gateways to bringing us into truer spiritual alignment
  • Mike’s advice for 2020 (hallelujah!)

Learn more about Mike Dooley, including his new book “The Complete Notes from the Universe,” at www.tut.com.

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