A Matter of Life and Death

Julie Ryan


Today’s guest, Julie Ryan, is a skilled medical medium, meaning she can sense what medical conditions and illnesses a person has and facilitate energetic healings. She can also communicate with spirits (both alive and dead), animals, and plants, and access people’s past lives. And, quite impressively, she can tell how close to death someone is.

It’s the first day of Scorpio season—join us as we deep dive into the shadowy waters of death and the afterlife!

In this episode, Arizona and Julie dig into:

  • How tapping into spiritual intuitive abilities is for everyone, whether a shaman or a construction worker
  • The spiritual benefits of the 2020 pandemic
  • The rampant fear of death, and how looking at death right in the eyes helps us become fearless and more alive
  • The 12 phases of death from a spiritual perspective (that EVERYONE goes through)
  • What REALLY happens we die
  • How we can live a freer existence by confronting our fears head-on
  • The Walk to Heaven” meditation exercise

Learn more about Julie at askjulieryan.com.

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