A Matter of Life and Death

Lara Enders


Arizona Bell is a Manifesting Generator 6/2 profile. Have zero idea what that means?! Neither did Arizona until this episode! Listen as this week’s guest, Human Design Analyst Lara Enders, teaches us all about this amazing self-discovery modality.

Lara Enders is a Human Design analyst who uses a down-to-earth, yet transformative approach to life purpose and spiritual truth seeking, through the lens of the Human Design System. She’s also a crystal enthusiast, which is blended into her unique teaching style. Check her out on Instagram (@auraminerals) where she regularly delivers practical tips and unique perspectives on how to survive the shifting global landscape.

Arizona and Lara dig into:

  • How Human design helps us understand ourselves and other people
  • How human design merges the scientific and the spiritual, making it digestible to all types of people
  • How human design is a big ole permission slip to be your most authentic self
  • The importance of understanding and accepting your strengths AND your weaknesses in living an authentic life
  • The importance of embracing your uniqueness in an increasingly homogenized society
  • The link between the human design system and energetic auras
  • Finding out “who you’re here to be” based on your human design
  • How human design can help us understand others and foster compassion for differences between us

Learn more about Lara at www.auraminerals.co.

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